Our Clients

Our greatest pride is the relationship we have with our clients. Each client is unique. Our clients range in size from those start-up situations with modest revenues to mature businesses with annual revenues in excess of $9 million. Client assets run as high as $250 million. Our clients are predominantly owner-operated entrepreneurial enterprises. Set out below is a partial listing of the industries and sectors we work with.

  • Construction/Builders
  • Condominium corporations
  • Consultants
  • Entertainment/Modeling
  • Graphics design
  • Import/export
  • Investment Holding Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Non-profit/Charitable
  • Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers etc.
  • Real Estate/rentals
  • Senior executives of Public Companies
  • Salespersons (including real estate)
  • Trade associations
  • Wholesaling